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Contract forms

The first requirement for a successful career is a contract that suits you. On the basis of our personal interview and discussion with the client, we propose a contract that is fully tailored to your situation. This agreement is usually based on one of the following major contracts:

Project contract

A temporary agreement under which you will support the client on a project basis. A contract form that involves few or no binding terms, and which will be ended after the project period. Very suitable for candidates who prefer freedom and flexibility, or are unemployed and want to gain extra experience.

Recruitment contract

ScientiQ Staffing will look for a matching client, for whom you will work on a secondment basis. After this period you will be employed permanently by the client. An excellent contract for those who prefer some security.


ScientiQ Staffing will look for a matching client, for whom you will get a direct contract.

Permanent contract at ScientiQ Staffing

You become a member of our permanent team of professionals who will be deployed in our clients' most challenging and interesting projects. If you join our team you will enjoy many benefits and appealing working conditions.

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Marianna started as an intern at the Dutchlab Experience by ScientiQ, she became a Chemical Analyst and now she has a Managementposition!

I started at ScientiQ as an intern at the "Dutchlab Experience" project, working with GC at a company owned by Eurofins. I did my study in the direction of Pesticides research with the GC. This experience totally matched my theoretical knowledge.