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Dutchlab Experience

ScientiQ Academy: choosing our project “Dutchlab Experience” for your Erasmus programme:

During your studies you will gain a lot of theoretical knowledge which is very useful for your career. With the project: “Dutchlab Experience” we help you to gain the essential work experience within commercial laboratories in The Netherlands, to become highly competitive even on international labour markets. You will learn about these labs, the way they work and you will get chance to work with several laboratory techniques. Also you can add international work experience to your CV which is definitely advantageous while applying for a job anywhere in the EU.

The work and the companies:

This will not be a normal internship with a thesis, a project and a conclusion. It will be about real daily work routine. You will learn what you can expect, how the equipment works and how the companies are organized. This means that you do your work like their regular employees. Of course there is more time to guide you and learn about the environment and equipment. At the moment we cooperate with big (inter)national companies and laboratories.

 What will be arranged?

The internships can start the whole year (if availabe) and will last for 6 to 12 months. In this project we work together with your local country recruiter. Together with them we arrange the total project. You will get a basic Dutch cultural course organized in your country before you go, so you can manage yourself better in The Netherlands. We arrange your accommodation, the transport to your everyday work and a health and liability insurance.  We will also arrange the flight tickets to The Netherlands and back. To cover the rest of your expenses in The Netherlands you will receive an extra cost coverage to complete your Erasmus scholarship up to €. 500,-- a month gross. At some companies you can earn extra by overtime and shift payments.

What do we ask?

The suitable candidates for this program:

- Have a bachelor level or higher in Chemistry or Microbiology.

- Erasmus fund, or able to apply for the Erasmus programme

- Speak and write proper English

- Highly motivated to start at this project.

- Eager to learn and like challenges.

- Available for the full 6 to 12 months.

If you are selected for the program, you are required to put effort and motivation in the given Cultural course too. If your motivation seems insufficient during the course, we can still decide to cancel your internship.


Send your Europass format CV and Motivation Letter in English to us, if you fit the project, we will forward this to our local recruiter for your country.


I have been doing business with ScientiQ for quite some time and particularly because of their personal approach and the possibility of international personnel.

In the summer of 2010, I was looking for a holiday job. I entered the fourth year of my laboratory study and I wanted to gain some work experience before I would start my Bachelor education. Through the internet I saw a vacancie at ScientiQ Staffing and decided to send an email. I received a quick answer and an invitation for a job interview.

It was, if I remember correctly, one year after I applied at ScientiQ that Remco called me and said he had a really good job offer for me in Holland. I wasn't convinced if I should leave my life, all friends and my current job for something totally new and unknown.