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Our Method

We are continuously innovative and inspiring. That is what ScientiQ Staffing is all about. We offer cross-border opportunities for you to find high quality and skilled staff. How? Through a personal approach that fully meets your needs.

Personal contact

Not only during the recruitment period, but also during the time of hiring, personal contact will be central. Our service is not just finding the right match. By monitoring and following the candidate as well as your company, we can successfully contribute by stating educational needs, responding to current developments, guidance of the candidate etc.

One fixed contact point

At ScientiQ Staffing you always have one fixed contact person. A counsellor who is fully aware of your situation and stays tuned during the whole secondment period. From the application to the eventual secondment, and also guidance after posting. In this way you can do business in a quick and effective manner, without having to tell your story time and again. Moreover, we would like to contribute to your strategic goals and personnel needs for both the long and short term.

Customised service

Recruitmentservice needs customising. Not only when it comes to finding the right people, but also when arranging the specific contract form. Which contract suits you best depends mainly on your objectives. And these can differ in each situation. You could consider starting up a training/work project for your employees or the personal guidance and training of one specific employee.


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