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ScientiQ Staffing is a dynamic and innovating company, specialized in staffing, payrolling and recruitment of secondary and higher educated laboratory workers and associated staff. We also offer outplacement. 

ScientiQ Staffing is different from other secondment agencies in the laboratory branch. As we provide services for Dutch as well as European candidates, we have a broad network of specialized and experienced staff from several EU countries. We offer clients a wide range of motivated top candidates to choose from.

But also as a candidate, ScientiQ Staffing is the place to be. We offer you a challenging job with an interesting employer, personal guidance, various educational possibilities and profitable employment terms!

Our specialisms

The laboratory branch is a versatile branch with many specialisms, from hospitals and research institutes to contract laboratories and from validation laboratories to laboratories of (inter)national producers. ScientiQ Staffing is mainly active the following fields:

  • (Petro) Chemical
  • Food
  • Environmental
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical
  • Pharmacy
  • Life Sciences
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